Cowdung cakes and cars... Is this a village or a city?

It doesn’t matter –Delhi  the capital of India is a city of villages! 410 in all. 

Today, all of them figure in a list of 1639 “unauthorised” settlements prepared by the Delhi govt. The official story is that much of  the land lying outside Lal Dora –  village agricultural land, grazing land, ecological heritage areas and common land  – have been sold  in  violation of the Delhi Land Reform Act of 1955.

Because of Delhi’s rising real estate value the village folk themselves have turn property dealers and “urban developers”, making hundreds of quick land sales to built housing colonies that are “unauthorized”on paper. Officially unrecognised denied infrastructure the real estate value of these colonies continues to rise – crazy but true! How, why?

Half in and half out of Delhi’s life both the poor and  the not so poor  live like “urban zombies” in these village settlements.  Illegal residents  trapped in the hope of “ regularization” from the same government whose land laws they have broken! What could be more explosive, more exploitative than this situation? You tell us.  Look around you -  the “slum’ you pass by in your neighborhood is most likely a village settlement eaten up by the city.

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