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Ajeet Singh Tomar Ajeet Singh Tomar Ajeet Singh Tomar

Ajeet Singh Tomar is a Science Graduate from AMU (Aligarh Muslims University) and is a vice president of 4 villages i.e. Mandi village, Gaunapur village, Aya nagar village and Gadaipur village who owns a cyber cafe shop and provides various services in the community like tuitions to children aged 5 -14 years in computer, science, English and in all subjects for younger children. Though he is proud to be descended from the original settlers and rulers of Delhi he makes ends meet by distributing mineral water supplies to the community through a franchise. As most of the tubewells and pipelines are not working in Aya Nagar, he has many customers both for tuition and drinking water! 

Ajeet Singh Tomar - Aya Nagar

The Internet café or cybercafé he has, is one of 15 or so in Aya Nagar which provide internet access to the public, usually for a fee. The fee for using a computer is usually charged on a time-based rate i.e. Rs. 15/- for 1 Hour and Rs.10/- for half an hour.  The café is used mostly by students, girls and boys, aged 18 to 35 years who need its services for project and office work, networking, job search, games, printing material etc. While most of the adolescents who come there for social networking on orkut, facebook, twitter etc, are addicted to it, a lot of young adults come and use the café for filling up forms for government jobs (like bank, clerical or junior officer jobs) and searching employment opportunities. The common pattern observed is such that both girls and boys come but girls mostly come in the evening to do their office related work, while the boys turn to entertainment as well. 

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