Hauz Khas – An interesting Facade

The Contrast

Hauz Khas Village

hauz khasThe village has numerous ethnic boutiques and restaurants where owners themselves interact. There are many fancy roof-top cafes.

Hauz Khas village has a lot of art and culture. There are artists who special in customized merchandise (top). We met Italian artists who were working on a gallery. Surprisingly they were acquainted with very few places in Delhi like Hauz Khas and Khirkee.

We see a temple alongside a tomb of Muslim origin. It illustrates the diversity in the community.


Hauz Khas village was originally a Muslim settlement named after the man-made lake called “Hauz” during the Mughal times. 

Later the land was acquired for area development and the green belt was created. Only few of the original families stay in Hauz Khas village now.

The village has some ethnic houses, some of which are pretty well maintained also. The rent is as high as Rs. 32,000 per month for a 2 bed-room apartment

However there is another story to it. 

The other side – At the back of all the glamor :  Filthy slum like Conditions!

At the back side of the glamorous shops is a different world all together.

The roads are in a filthy condition with broken sewage lines and garbage strewn around. Families live in small dingy housing. The conditions are quite cramped and many members share the same space.

Contributed by: Nazuk Kumar


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